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Classic BarnsMonitor BarnsMississippi Valley BarnsOpen Breezeway BarnsRV and Storage Barns
Classic BarnsMonitor BarnsMississippi BarnsOpen Breezeway BarnsRV and Storage Barns

You can select a barn style from above to get started, but first,
please read the following carefully to better understand our features and prices.
It is important to understand that we offer two types of barns, Standard Barns and Custom Barns.

Confused by our Barn Model Numbers? See below for an explanation

Barn Basics:
First off, we thought it would be useful to show you the basic parts of a barn so you can get the most from our website.

Parts of a barn

Side Sheds and Side Walls:
Side Wall Heights
It's important to note that the height of the side walls will determine whether a barn can have side sheds and in some cases if a barn has room for loft space. Most of our basic models come with 8 foot side walls. To add 6 foot wide side sheds, you need to have 10ft 8in side walls. For 12 foot side sheds, you'll need 12'8" side walls.

Roof Pitch:
We work with 3 standard roof pitches, the choice of the pitch can effect the loft potential as well as the amount of loft space a barn can have.
Roof Pitch

Our Barn Model Numbers:
Here's an explanation of our barn model numbering system, it's fairly simple once you know what they stand for.
Below is a Barn Model 3648C-12S, our model system can be broken down into 4 basic parts.
1. Width of Barn • 2. Length of Barn • 3. Style of Barn • 4. Width of Side Sheds(If Included)

Barn Model Numbers
1. The first two numbers indicate the width of the barn, this one is 36 feet wide.
2. The next set of numbers indicates the length of the barn, so this barn is 48 feet long.
3. After that is a letter which tells you what style of barn it is, this barn is a Classic.

C=Classic Barn • M=Monitor Barn • SM=Steep Monitor Barn
MV=Mississippi Valley Barn • OB=Open Breezeway • RV= RV Barn

4. Finally, the last part indicates the width of the side sheds, an option that you can choose to include in Items and Options.

12S=12 foot side sheds6S=6 foot side sheds

barn PicStandard Barns:
All of our Standard Barns are built from carefully engineered and approved plans. We build them often and know them well.

• We start with the Shell, which includes the support structure, all exterior walls, the roof, one set of alley doors at the front, and a cupola with weather vane.

• For each barn model, we have developed a Standard Package of options we think are necessary for the barn to be functional. You will find these listed with each model you visit.

All labor and materials are included.

NOTE: We do allow customers a few basic option choices which
are described and priced under Items and Options

Custom Barns:
These barns either have features that are not available with our standard barns, or are adaptations or combinations of our standard barns. They also can be completely new designs altogether. There are no real limits to what we will and can do in terms of size or scope when it comes to our custom barns.

Cutom BarnsHave our team of qualified experts design and develop a plan to fit your specific needs. We will meet with you on site to discuss your plans. Then, we will develop and present to you preliminary floor plans with dimensional drawings that clearly illustrate the structures involved. A consulting fee of $55.00 per hour applies. 

Permitting Services:
Currently, we will obtain permits in Thurston, Lewis, Mason, and Grays Harbor counties without a service charge. (Permit Fees to be paid by owner) For other counties there will be a permitting service fee or the owner may choose to handle the permitting themselves. To learn more about permitting go to our Standards and Practices page. You can also go to our links page to find specific county development sites.


Basic Specification:
We use nothing but the highest quality materials, real plywoods and Cedar or Primed Trim work, your choice, either stained-cedar or painting-primed wood. We also use  Pressure treated Lumber wherever ground or cement contact occurs. All exterior walls are built of solid tongue and groove 2x6 lumber up to a minimum eight feet before siding is installed. and to top it off, all our barns come with Architectural roofing, standard. Find out more about the types of material we use under Standards and Practices.

Prices do not include paint, plumbing,  electrical work, gutters and county permit fees. Nor do they include excavation and gravel that will be necessary. We can submit a bid for excavation work after seeing your site. We would also be happy to bid on other necessary projects to complete your barn, such as paints/stains, gutters etc., once these options have been decided upon.

We hope this helps!

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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